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Victoria is a competent and engaging piano teacher who inspires the love of music. She holds her students to a very high standard that prepares them for success in the music field. I really admire the way she teaches. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to play the piano.

Nara, Ilona's and Milena's mum

Attending Viktoria’s classes for six years (2013-2019) has been a life-improving experience for me as playing the piano has become a personal skill I am proud to have. When it comes to understanding music, Viktoria can break down the process in a fun and accessible way that allowed me to fully engage with a piece. She has been a wonderful mentor in the times of preparing for a practical exam or a recital, not only in teaching but also in getting to know her student so that the student can perform to the best of their ability. I particularly enjoyed learning about music theory and with the help of Viktoria, I passed the Musical Theory Exam in 2019 with flying colours. To this day, I still play the piano in my free time and it would have been much more difficult to continue independently without getting foundational support from a superb piano teacher.

Michelle, a former student

I have been taking lessons with Viktoria since the age of ten, where I had very little piano knowledge. Since then I have learned so much. I have never met such an amazing teacher, who is strict to help you and motivate you to succeed, but makes lessons feel more like weekly meetings between friends, and makes you feel right at home while learning all the same. She is a fantastic teacher, and an incredible friend.

Michela, 14-year old student

Viktoria has been teaching my daughter for 4 years. She has an incredible style of teaching and as a result my daughter has come so far. Viktoria helped her get a distinction in her most recent exam. She has a very good relationship with her students and I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to play piano and get the piano grades.

Daniela, current student's mum

Viktoria has been David's piano teacher for the last 3 years. She is a very intuitive teacher. Viktoria builds an open, honest, straight forward and encouraging relationship with her students. I like her individual approach, innovative ways of teaching, how she genuinely supports my son's interest in playing piano. I highly recommend Viktoria as a piano teacher who would dedicate herself in helping your child to reach their best potential.

Julia, David's mum

When Iris met Viktoria, piano was considered a mere hobby. Viktoria believed in Iris and helped Iris believe in herself. Now the piano is a part of her, her eye on the world. Viktoria encouraged and prepared her for competitions, and under her honest care Iris went every year to Feis Ceoil, Newpark Music Festival and Navan Choral and Instrumental Festival. She gathered a shelf full of trophies and medals, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place prizes and mentions of VHC and HC, many competition dresses, but more importantly a lot of self-confidence. Viktoria and the piano turned Iris into a young lady who loves classical music and who wants to become a concert pianist. We wholeheartedly recommend Viktoria to students and parents who want to study piano as a hobby or more.

Luiza, Iris's mum

My son has been studying piano with Viktoria for almost 2 years now and I am extremely delighted with the way she teaches and interacts with Giulio. She always knows what the best approach is to bring her point across, she is well able to balance soft and slightly harder approaches depending on the situation. Giulio is improving a lot under Viktoria's lead and I would highly recommend Viktoria as a piano teacher. Very professional, precise and friendly at the same time. I also worked with Viktoria independently from Giulio's classes as I needed a piano performance for few events I organized. Her music was simply beautiful and she was very flexible with all the logistic arrangements. Not easy to find a piano teacher that has all these skills at the same time.

Stefano, Giulio's dad